NETmundial submissions on IANA and ICANN

Given the announcement late on 14 March 2014 (US time) by NTIA that it intends to transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multistakeholder community, I’ve created a PDF that collates all IANA and ICANN-related material from the submissions to NETmundial in Sao Paolo next month.

The good news is that it is substantially shorter than the total of 302,000 words contained in the full set of 186 submissions. The bad news is that the excerpts from the 62 IANA and ICANN-related submissions still add up to a rather epic 33,500 words.

I’ve included all IANA and ICANN related submissions, even those that seem to be outliers on the spectrum of “well-thought out” to “somewhere west of planet Pluto”. I have not included excerpts from submissions that merely mention ICANN in passing.

netmundial-submissions-on-ianaCompilation of excerpts from submissions to NETmundial that include material on how IANA and ICANN should be transformed [1.9 MB]

If you spot any obvious errors in the complilation, please let me know via this contact form.

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