Downloadable archive of NETmundial contributions

netmundial logoPost last updated: 13 March 2014

There were 189 contributions to NETmundial.

There have been three sets of duplicate contributions:

  • ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance (duplicateĀ  now removed from NETmundial site, leaving only this one)
  • UNESCO comprehensive study on Internet-related issues: draft concept paper proposed by the Secretariat for consultations (duplicateĀ  now removed from NETmundial site, leaving only this one)
  • University of North Carolina – Greensboro (Contributions 144 and 147) Thanks to Adam Peake, who pointed me to this set of duplicates.

Removing the duplicates, the remaining 186 contributions combine to make a total of just over 302,000 words (that doesn’t include the metadata, such as author name, organization and keywords but does include additional attachments that aren’t duplicates of the HTML text). The smallest contribution (Kenya ICT Action Network) contains only 150 words while the largest (The Aspen Institute) is around 39,000 words, including its rather wordy attachment.

Note that many of the documents attached to the HTML contribution pages are simply nicely formatted versions of the HTML pages, but some are completely different texts.

I’ve downloaded all the PDFs of the main contributions and placed them into a single .ZIP file for the convenience of others. I’ve added the contribution numbers as they show on the NETmundial site so the PDFs can easily be cross-referenced with the way they’re listed on NETmundial:

UPDATE: I’ve removed the duplicate entries to reflect the recent removals of two sets of duplicates from the NETmundial site.

Please note that the .ZIP file only contains the main submissions and not additional attachments some people included.

Below is a .ZIP file containing the attachments not included in the above file. I have not included the attachments that were the nicely formatted versions of the PDF texts included in the original .ZIP file above. If you want those, you’ll have to click through to them from the PDFs in the above .ZIP file. The attachments in the .ZIP file below contain completely new material not in the above .ZIP file or versions of the same PDFs, but with diagrams and tables included.

The filename convention I’ve used for the attachments is :

<contribution no. as given on NETmundial index pages> – attachment <no. if more than 1 attachment> – <description of attachment>

For my own analysis, I’m putting together a spreadsheet that will identify which stakeholder group and geographic region the submissions come from. I’ll post that to this site, too, if I get it finished before the NETmundial folk do something similar.

UPDATE: NETmundial has posted a pie chart and graph from their Twitter account showing contribution statistics, but there is nothing on the main website yet. I’m sure this will come shortly.