Georgia supports UN’s involvement in international cybersecurity

On 11 October 2011, during the UN General Assembly (UNGA) First Committee general debate, Georgia noted its concern about rapidly evolving cybersecurity risks, and stated its support for UN and UNGA First Committee to include activities on cybersecurity. Georgia’s statement follows China’s statement in the same First Committee, on 7 October, about the the reasons it had worked on a draft international code of conduct for information security with Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The extract about cybersecurity from Georgia’s statement to the First Committee follows:

ALEXANDER LOMAIA (Georgia) : […] New threats, including cyber-attacks, had emerged and were evolving rapidly, he said. The United Nations and the First Committee should contribute to scrutinising the problem and raising awareness and understanding of that challenge, by providing an essential platform for elaborating mechanisms and instruments aimed at diffusing that threat

For a full summary of the First Committee’s discussions during the 11 October general debate, see the UN press release: