The offspring of PP14 Working Group of Plenary

pp14-busan-twitterThe Working Group (WG) of Plenary is responsible for a seemingly endless number of proposed amendments to resolutions and proposed new resolutions. Clearly, not all of them can be thrashed out in the WG, so many have been spun out into smaller discussion groups.

In case you were wondering exactly how many Ad Hoc Groups (AHGs) and consolidation efforts had come out of the WG of Plenary to date, I’ve put together a quick chart. Click on the smaller image below for the full sized version:

wg-plenary-chart-v1A couple of explanatory notes:

  • I haven’t included the correct full titles of resolutions, but used shortened names in the chart.
  • I haven’t noted (yet) when a consolidation effort has already resulted in a document approved by the WG of Plenary.
  • I’ve put the chart together while also listening to PP14 sessions, so it may contain errors or be missing AHGs or consolidation efforts. If you notice anything missing or wrong, please contact me.

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