The 12 days of Christmas, Internet governance-style

Today is Christmas Day, when lots of people get together to share gifts that seemed like a good idea when rushing around the stores at the last minute on Christmas Eve and to consume the same amount of calories in a day that they’d normally eke out over a week.

In that spirit, I present you with a festive rewrite of that never-ending Christmas song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Because the full song is a marathon twelve verses long, I’m only presenting you with the final verse, where all twelve “gifts” are included:

On the twelfth day of Christmas
dot #netgov sent to me:
gTLDs increasing
Post-WCIT hands a wringing
#Hashtags a trending
Many meetings pending
Talks never-ending
v6 routes still missing
NSA a list’ning
No privacy
One Net for all
Go bottom-up
and a WSIS+10 review!

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